We aim for stylish and dramatic when it comes to our engagement and portrait sessions. We treat them like mini fashion shoots. Our clients get to play model for the day as we direct them into elegant poses while keeping the process fun. We’ll make you comfortable to capture your natural side, and produce images that radiate your personality and style.

We take a photojournalistic approach during wedding ceremonies and receptions. We’re part photographer and part ninja. We stay out of the way and always ready to catch the right moment. This way, we’ll capture all of the candid smiles, joyful moments, and beautiful emotions of your day.

We double and triple backup all of your photos! As professional photographers, it would be a catastrophe if we failed to deliver your photos. This is why we’ve developed a fail-safe plan to make sure your photos are delivered:

  • We shoot with two cameras, and each camera has two memory cards
  • By end of day, we make three copies of all the photos
  • One of the three copies is kept off-site, so in case of fire or theft, we can still deliver your photos

A digital medium format camera is the Rolls Royce of photography. They’re elite, world-renowned cameras, but they’re rarely used by wedding photographers. They have a technical advantage over typical full frame cameras from Nikon or Canon.

We shoot with medium format cameras to imbue your photos with a beautiful aesthetic: a gradual depth fall-off from the object in focus to the surrounding background. The resulting image has a 3D pop effect that you will love.

We don’t take shortcuts when curating photos of your special day. But we understand your photos need to be ready in a timely manner too. So we get straight to work after your wedding day to ensure you have a few next day teaser photos. Highlight photos (50-100) are usually within 45 days – enough to tell your story and provide a peek for your family and friends. The remaining full delivery photos are usually ready within the 2 weeks after.

We edit for truthful vivid color tones. We aim for pleasant skin tones, and try to capture the true white on the bride’s dress. Occasionally, we select photos to edit for  black and white to showcase the dark shadows and the beautiful highlights. For medium format, our goal is to emphasize the 3D pop that’s the hallmark of the camera’s images.

If there’s a particular editing style or tone that you like, we can definitely work on creating more images that are to your liking.

It’s a definite YES! Wedding days are rarely on schedule. When you book with Weddings N Photos, we dedicate the entire day to you. We don’t make plans for after your wedding (other than editing your photos). In case you do need to extend our hours, we charge an additional fee which we calculate in ½ hour intervals at the pre-determined hourly rate on the contract.

All photos that we delivery are hand picked, edited for color, feel, and exposure.

For Highlight photos, we take the step even further. We generally do minor skin and blemish touch ups on highlight photos with special emphasis on the bride and groom.

If further photoshop enhancement is needed, such as slimming and further skin enhancement, photos will be edited by a professional fashion retoucher for an editing fee per photo.

Of course! This is very helpful to us. It lets us know what we should focus on and the shots that are important to you. You can also let us know if there are specific family members or friends you would like us to catch on camera.

We ask for a 25% deposit to secure your wedding date. The remaining balance will be paid in two installments: 50% prior to or on the day of your wedding, and the final 25% will be payable after the delivery of highlight photos, but before the final photo delivery.

They’re all yours! You’re allowed to use the photos however way you want.

The show must go on! But just in case, we’ll have a nice white umbrella on hand. If there’s a high probability of rain, we can book an indoor space and do our photo session away from the elements.

We have an off site backup for a period of 2 years. If a longer backup period is needed, let us know.

We do shoot in RAW with all our cameras. Photos delivery are always in JPG.  If after photos delivery, and would like to have a few of your favorite photos in RAW as well, we can provide the RAW format.

Your wedding will be shot by our Lead photographer Erik or Billy

Most of our clients have never shot professionally before. Our approach during the photos session is creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We will guide you with some crash course posing theory, while creating moments that you feel relax and be worry free of the poses.

Our focus on wedding day is generally the emotions, capturing the moment that is meaningful for the couple. Our photographers do not have an upper limit they have to keep under. In generally, couples can expect 1000-2000 digital photos per photographer on a full day wedding. Usually more if there are many heartfelt speeches, or craziness bridal party on the wedding day. From all the photos taken, couples can expect 50+ photos per hour for final delivery.

As a wedding photography specialist, we also partner with videography specialist in wedding field. We have package discount when booking through us. Please have a look at our prefer video partners

Of course not! We want your friends and family to enjoy the photos without any branding. We do appreciate being tag on social media. @weddingsnphotos