Similar to our Wedding Ceremony Approach, we use more of the photojournalistic approach during wedding receptions. We like to give the wedding couple space, and stay farther back, while capturing the moments. Our Vision approach still holds true during reception. We would listen to the speeches attentively, while anticipating the emotional smile and tears, framing your Emotional Stories

Our 3 Lighting Principles

Seamless Lighting Technique

Adding off camera lights seamlessly with the evening ambient. Create photos that look so naturally lid, viewer cannot be certain if flash was used.

Avoid Direct Flash

We spend huge efforts avoiding the direct on camera flash look. We want to avoid lighting that is the dull, with minimal shadows, bright in the center similar to phone on photos.

Avoid Raccoon Eyes

You have been up since early morning. Nothing emphasizes the dark eye circle more than light that comes directly over head.

"Our Goal: Lighting style that is so seamless, viewer cannot be distinguish if artificial lights were used"

"Be the venue be a dark barn or bright grand hall . Our lighting approach is to capture the ambient mood of the evening, with just the right balance of camera flash.  It would be too easy to just flood the venue with bright lights. We will be minimalist with lighting, try being least intrusive as possible, while creating photos that look naturally lid. We try very hard avoiding the dreadful on camera flash or the harsh overhead lighting creating raccoon look."